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We Believe!

We believe involvement equals ownership.  Too often individuals involved in family serving systems have been viewed as recipients of treatment and services rather than partners in change. We know family engagement is crucial in our efforts to improve services for our families and communities.

Providing individuals with the education   and training resources needed to empower themselves can produce phenomenal results in the areas of Safety, Permanency, and Well being  of our children youth and families.

Why Get Inolved in Parent Engagement

The most effective solutions to problems usually lie with those who are mostly affected by the outcomes. This is true for groups, communities and families. When individuals are involved in decision making, they are more likely to participate and be successful in making changes.

Getting Involved

  • Interested members will complete the approved application form available by contacting CWRC or on the clicking on link below.
  • A standing interview committee of FCU Advisory Board members, chaired by a CWRC Parent Ambassador(s), will review application and interview potential members.

Get involved with FCU by completing the FCU APPLICATION or CONTACT US.